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UVA students are highly motivated, determined and excited to move forward with their dreams of becoming professionals.


Students can choose the school of their choice. Usually, it is the University of Guadaljara (UdeG) in Guadalajara and outlying areas... Ocotlan, Tonala, Autlan, Campus Sur, Zapopan and Ciudad Guzman, Chapala Technico, and some private schools including University Lamar, UNE, UNITEC, iTESO and University del Valle de Mexico (UVM). 

They enter into a 1 to 10 semester program. Studies offered in these institutions are psychology, law, medicine, agronomy, economics, international business, dentistry, civil engneering, education, auto mechanics, architecture, business administration, odontology, physical therapy, communication Arts & AV, Cultura Physical and public accounting.

Many work after hours or on weekends at realty offices, restaurants, dental offices, … whatever business will prepare them for their chosen profession.

While many commute daily to their university, others live close to their studies. It is a fine balancing act… do they continue to live with their family, minimize their expensess and travel daily or do they work to cover expenses of living closer to their chosen school?

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