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How to donate to UVA

No tax deduction requested 

Cash or

MX cheque

Deliver cash or Mexican check payable to UVA Scholarship Fund A.C. directly to a Board member.

Direct deposit to any Mexican bank for bank transfer to Actinver or walk-in deposit into Actinver. Contact any UVA Board member for account number or Mexican Clave.

US tax deduction requested 



Make check payable to Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities

Add on the bottom line … For UVA Scholarship Fund A.C

(the Foundation collects for various groups and this assures that it be directed to the correct charity)

Give it to any board member or if you are not in the area — mail it to Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities

    5802 Bob Bullock Ste.  328C-2A

    Laredo, TX 78045

When the check is deposited you will receive notification that serves as a tax receipt for US taxes.  Make sure to include your e-mail (on a separate slip of paper) as that is needed for the confirmation and tax receipt.

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