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These students are currently seeking sponsors.  Please review these students and advise Eric Thomson or Cristina Baron if you have a preference. Click here for contact numbers and information on making contributions.

Becas are given out twice a year, in February and August. NOTE: following deadlines for applications. To be considered for a February beca, the application must be submitted by the third Friday in January. To be considered for August, the application must be submit by the third Friday in July.

Keyboard and Mouse

Erika Michelle

Career - Law



Erika has completed 4 of 8 semesters with a gpa last term of 9.57.  She lives in Ciudad Guzman during week and comes home to family in San Juan Cosala weekends.  To finance their daughter’s expenses, the family moved in with her grandparents. Erika sees her law career giving her many pathways to explore. 

\Receives 4,000 pesos / semester



Career - Business Administraton

University of Guadalajara


Leonardo has completed 2 of 8 semesters with a gpa of 9.03 last
term. This hard working family of 6 lives above the family’s small bakery in San Antonio. They have 2 children in university simultaneously — Leonardo’s sister also attends the university studying nutrition. Needless to say finances are stretched right now — and the family is trying hard to support them both. 


Receives 4,000 pesos / semester

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