These students are currently seeking sponsors.  Applications are now being vetted for this term and information on accepted students will be posted after February 11, 2021.

Please review these students and advise Sue Torres or Cristina Baron if you have a preference. Click here for contact numbers and information on making contributions.

Keyboard and Mouse



Automotive Electronics and Mechanics

UDG - Centro Univ. de la Costa Sur Campus Autlan (currently online)

He has completed the first semester of a three-year program with a 97 average. He lives in Chapala with his parents and a younger brother in high school.  With this career he will be well positioned for good paying jobs. A good career choice for someone with a mechanical background.


Receives 4,000 pesos / semester




Career: Architect
School: UTEG — Private school connected to UDG

Rafael lives in San Antonio T. with his family. This past year has been
difficult for him — he suffered an accident that left his arm immobilized for several months. By check-day this past February he was back on track and catching up on things. He is at the half-way point in his career. With a difficult family situation at home, it is imperative that he complete his studies and become self-sufficient. Rafael is a really good person, family oriented and confident in his ability to succeed.

Receives 4,000 pesos / semester



UNE - PRIVATE — Medicine

Prepa. 9.8 Completed first sem.

Med. with 86.7 (due to commuting

and trying to work also).

This young lady is very impressive in a quiet way. When at home, she lives in a bustling extended household In San Juan Cosala that is ruled by a very loving and caring mom.  The family resources are limited but everyone is pitching-in to assist her in anyway possible.  Noemi is in need of outside support to be able to continue her studies and meet her goals.


Receives  4,000 pesos/semester.

Keyboard and Mouse