These students are currently seeking sponsors.  Applications are now being vetted for this term and information on accepted students will be posted after February 11, 2021.

Please review these students and advise Sue Torres or Cristina Baron if you have a preference. Click here for contact numbers and information on making contributions.

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Electronica y Mecanica Automotriz

UDG — Centro Univ. de la Costa Sur Campus Autlan  (currently on-line)

He has completed the first semester of a three year program with a gpa of 97.  He lives in Chapala with his parents and a younger brother in high school.  With this career he will be well placed for good paying jobs. A good career choice for someone mechanically adept.


Receives  4,000 pesos / semester


Olga Lisbeth


Law - UDG Campus Ocotlan (currently on-line)

Olga just completed her first semester of 10 with a grade point average of 91. Her brother is currently part of the UVA program and will graduate in 2 more semesters.  When we originally met the family several years ago - they were reasonably confortable- BUT in

the past year and a half things have changed drastically as father now has a serious kidney issue  and can no longer work at all.  Everyone in the family is stepping up and trying to help with the finances. Normally we do not accept two at the same time but feel that this a special case and esp. since her brother will be graduating soon.

Receives 4,000 pesos / semester


Juan Luis


Engineer Informatica. — UDG Guadalajara

Campus Tecnologico (currently on-line) Juan has completed 7 of 9 semesters and his most recent gpa was 92.  He has a sister at university studying psychology and a brother attending high school.  His father is a beverage distributor and his mother is ama de casa.

Juan helps out with the financies by working and is able to contribute about 1,000 pesos per week. 


Receives  4,000 pesos /semester.

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Roberto de Jesus

Career: Quimico Farmacéutico Biologo
Roberto is attending a Private university in Guadalajara.
He is on the cuatrimestre system — 3 year program that consists
of 3 terms / year. He has completed his first term with a gpa of 94.
By August payout day he will have his grades for the 2nd term.
Roberto is a hard worker and has lots of determination to complete
his studies. The career he has chosen is very in-demand and the
UVA students that have gradated in this area have all gotten very
good jobs right away. 


Beca amount: 5,000 pesos at the two designated UVA check-days (Feb. and Aug.)



Career: Architect
School: UTEG — Private school connected to UDG
Rafael lives in San Antonio T. with his family. This past year has been
difficult for him — he suffered an accident that left his arm immobilized for several months. By check-day this past February he was back on track and catching up on things. He is at the half-way point in his career. With a difficult family situation at home, it is imperative that he complete his studies and become self-sufficient. Rafael is a really good person, family oriented and confident in his ability to succeed.

Receives 4,000 pesos / semester



CAREER: Computer Systems Engineer
School: Chapala Tech. on the Libramiento
He lives with his parents in Santa Cruz de la Soledad (a small village east of Chapala). Salvador is at the half-way point in his studies and has maintained an overall GPA of more that 93. His father is a mariachi musician and his mother takes care of the house. 



Receives  2,500 pesos  tuition/semester.

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Luis Daniel

Career: Industrial Engineering
School: Chapala Tech. on the Libramiento
In February he completed his 5th semester with a GPA of 98+.
Currently he is finishing his 6th semester of 9. His area, industrial
engineering is very employable as Guadalajara is a industrial hub
in Mexico. The technical university on by-pass here is very beneficial for
the students that need to be closer to home and generally just do not have
the funds for other locations. His family lives in San Antonio T. and he
helps out in the business when time allows.


Receives  3,000 pesos / semester